What should you look for when hiring a property manager?

You might own a rental property but are too swamped with other projects to give the property the attention it deserves. Far West Realty would like to share a few factors that make us the best choice when hiring a property manager. Far West Realty Property Management has a proven track record! One of the most important things you should consider is the track record of the property manager you are considering. Is your potential property manager willing to provide recommendations from their current clients? What do those clients think?


What do our clients say about us?

Far West Realty has been my property manager in Prescott for the last six years. Dave
Hamill and his crew have done a good job for me. They have kept the properties
occupied and rent-producing. Perhaps more importantly they have helped me, an
absentee landlord, stay on top of maintenance issues and keep my properties in excellent
shape and attractive to tenants. Their financial reporting is both timely and accurate. In
essence, they have made owning rental property in Prescott worry-free, an important
consideration for someone not able to keep an eye on things on a daily basis.
-Jim Ferguson
Austin TX

David Hamill is very conscientious and professional. If you are considering Far West
Realty for property management services, you will be pleased with their expertise, care,
and attention. Your financial interests will be well represented and because he’s
seasoned and fair, tenants like him too.
-Kent K.
Newport Beach, CA

Far West Realty and Property Management has the experience you need!

Another important consideration when owning rental properties is knowledge the local rental laws. Do you or the property manager you’re considering have a strong understanding of rental laws? When legal issues arise, having someone that can answer questions or refer you to someone who can, is important! We provide property management services to nearly 100 Quad-city Owner-Clients. Far West Realty Property Management is the hassle-free solution you have been looking for to manage your investment rental and income properties. If you own properties in the Prescott Quad-city area and don’t want the headaches that can accompany being a landlord, call Far West Realty, and we’ll be happy to show your what we can do for you. Contact us at (928) 772-9400.