No Plateaus

Recently, I received the following testimonial from some very kind people whom I had had the privilege of serving over the last few years. They had asked me to manage a home they had purchased, in advance, as a retirement home. They still had a few years before retirement in Prescott and had decided to rent it out in the interim. I’ve now turned the property back over to them after a successful term of Property management. Here’s what they had to say:

Hi, Dave –
John and I want to thank you for the comprehensive, thorough, and thoughtful way in which you served us and our home in Prescott over the past three years.

We knew that it would be some time before we could move from NW Minnesota and were concerned that we find a property manager who would be vigilant in the care of our future home.  When we first met you, we were impressed by the serious manner in which you approached management of our home, securing a quality renter, and assuring that our home would be looked after as well as we would do ourselves.    We have chuckled many times over your statement that you would check out the cars and yards of potential renters to ascertain that they maintained their property before you placed them as a tenant.

You certainly found a wonderful tenant who stayed in the house for three years.  We were pleased to find our house in the same fresh and clean condition it was when we signed our purchase agreement.  Your communication with us was timely and just enough.  Every rent check was right on time.  We honestly did not worry at all about our investment in Prescott.  The peace of mind you brought us was well worth your very reasonable price.

Again, a big THANK YOU for your professional service.
Anne Temte and John Davis

Of course, it’s always gratifying to receive such praise from a client, and I’m always thankful for it. It is our constant goal to have every client be just as pleased as Anne and John were with our service. But, in reflecting on their letter, I was reminded of a saying that I once heard (don’t know who said it first). It went something like this: “There is no place at which, having arrived, you can remain.”

It was a reminder to me that we can never “rest upon our laurels.” There is always room for improvement, no matter how well we do. If we think we’ve arrived at a place, or made a notable accomplishment, and allow that to become a comfortable resting place for us, then the one thing we can rest assured of, is that we will be falling behind. The world is not static. The market is not static. People are not static. Everyone and everything is either moving forward and getting better, or falling behind and getting rusty.

So, I try to remember that even though we achieve one success, no matter how significant it is or isn’t, the next challenge is always waiting for our best efforts, taking nothing for granted. And I like that idea. Without it, life would be dull, and we would too. So, my hearty thanks to John and Anne, not only for the privilege of serving them, but for reminding me to take nothing for granted. Every day, every job, every client presents a brand new opportunity to try a little harder, work a little smarter, reach a little higher, and do a little better than we have before. That’s how real growth works.

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