Keep an Eye on It!

advice for property management in prescott by Far West RealtyOne of the most observable (and preventable) weaknesses in a landlord’s management procedures is the failure to perform regular, personal walk-through inspections of their rental properties.   Rental property isn’t really being managed if the landlord or property manager are not actually and regularly laying eyes on the property.  That can be especially hard to do if you are trying to manage it long distance.  Pretty much anything can (and often does) happen to the detriment of the property, and go uncorrected, if the landlord or manager never, or infrequently sees the property.

I’ve had many a landlord come to me with a really sad disaster story about unreported property damage, or critically needed maintenance that ultimately led to serious money being needed to put things back in order.  Now, I’m always glad to help these good people get things corrected and back on line.  But, I (and they) would have been a lot happier if they had just come to me for help before things got completely out of hand.  Of course, as always, hind-sight is 20/20.

That’s why at Far West Realty’s Property Management Division in Prescott, we perform personal, by-appointment, quarterly, go-to-the-property, get-out-of-the-vehicle, and lay-eyes-on-every-room, inspections of every rental property we manage, inside and out.  By so doing, (and since our tenants sign consent to that arrangement when they originally sign the lease) we are able to assure that the property isn’t being damaged or abused, and that needed maintenance isn’t being neglected. 

Actually, our tenants generally like our inspections, not only because it is an extra incentive for them to keep the property in good order, but it’s clear to them that we take a real interest in the condition of their living space.  They also like that it gives us a good opportunity to discuss any concerns they may have or answer any questions they want to ask, face to face.  It really does promote good landlord-tenant relations.  So, happy tenants + happy landlords = a big win/win!

If any of this strikes a familiar chord with any of you who either try to manage your own rental property without the best of success, or do that with success, but are just plain tired of all the headaches, stress and time spent in the effort, just remember Far West Realty’s Property Management Division in Prescott.  Give us a call at 928-772-9400 and we’ll be happy to discuss better options you may have through us.