Why good tenant / landlord relations are important to your business

Some landlords believe that after a tenant is selected for a residence, the only thing required after that is to collect the monthly rent. This is far from the truth. To maintain and keep a good tenant in your property, you must remain aware of what the tenant and your rental property will need if you plan to keep both for a long time. Far West Realty would like to share some advice:

An attractive property will attract a good tenant.

It is important to keep your rental property in excellent condition. A property that is well maintained will attract a good tenant easier.

The tough decision of selecting the right tenant.

You must have some sort of screening process to determine if the potential tenant is a right fit for your rental property. It is important for each tenant to completely understand what is expected of them when they reside in your building. A legally binding agreement must be made between you and the tenant.

You must take care of both your tenants and the rental property.

It is vital that you take care of any issues that require maintenance to your building, especially if the tenant makes a valid request. Failure to quickly fix any reasonable and significant issues could lead to a spoiled relationship between your and the tenant, or worse, cause a liability that you could get sued for.

Make clear what the tenant needs to do to get their security deposit back.

It is important that your written and signed rental agreement clearly states what the tenant needs to do on their end to get their deposit back.

If you own a property in the Prescott city area and don’t want the responsibilities of dealing with tenants or handling the maintenance of your building, you can call Dave at Far West Realty, and we’ll be happy to show you what we can do for you in managing and preserving your rental property. Contact us at (928) 772-9400.