The Rental Cycle of Life: Step 6 – Manage & Monitor

Rental Cycle of Life Step 6 MonitoringAll too often landlords are so relieved to get a tenant in their rental property, that they forget or overlook one of Yogi Berra’s truest truisms:  “It ain’t over ‘till it’s over!”  A wise landlord doesn’t just sit back and wait for each month’s rent check to arrive.  Notice that both words, “Manage” and “Monitor” are action words.  They are things you have to do.  They must be done consistently and continuously.

The fact is that once you’ve signed a lease, the property manager’s job has only just begun.  Once you’ve found even a great tenant, both the tenant and, especially the property, need on-going attention.  “Manage and Monitor is Far West’s 6th step in the Rental Cycle of Life.  This step is actually a process and it continues throughout the full term of the lease.

Here at Far West Property Management in Prescott, taking care of the business of taking excellent care of our clients and their rental investment properties is our primary focus.  We do a great deal more than just receive and deposit our clients’ monthly rental proceeds.  Although we do those things, we also:

Management and monitoring is the sixth step to rental properties in Prescott AZ•    Send those proceeds to each client, each month, along with a full and detailed account statement for that month.

•    Receive, evaluate and resolve all maintenance calls and concerns.

•    Order and coordinate needed maintenance according to client instructions.

•    Pay and account for, all property maintenance expenses each month.

•    Receive, address and resolve tenant complaints.

•    Communicate regularly with our clients and their tenants.

•    Consistently perform regular, personal walk-throughs of each property we manage, by appointment, at least 3 to 4 times per year.

•    Assure tenant compliance with the terms of the lease.

And, frankly, these are just a small sampling of all the services we provide for our rental investment clients in the course of our duties here at Far West Property Management.  We are always actively engaged in the work of managing and monitoring our clients’ properties.

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