Some keys to landlord success – Keep an Eye on the Property!

Property Management in Prescott, Helpful hints, Keep an Eye on PropertyHere are a few tips from the experienced managers at Far West Property Management in Prescott:

•    Walk through your rental units regularly.  We recommend at least once every four months. Don’t just drive by the units and expect that to always be sufficient.  Drive-by inspections are helpful, but they don’t tell the whole story.  Be sure you occasionally lay eyes on each room of the dwelling’s interior, as well as the garage, too.

•    When you are walking through a property, you don’t necessarily need to be concerned that every detail of a tenant’s housekeeping is flawless.  Rather, look beyond the occasional unmade bed, or breakfast dishes left in the sink, to assess whether there is any abuse or damage of the property itself.  Look for signs of ongoing issues such as neglected landscaping, careless use of shower curtains or shower doors allowing water to continually splash outside the enclosure, onto walls or baseboards in such a way as to cause staining or mildew.  Check for leaking water fixtures or connections in kitchens, bathrooms or laundry rooms.

•    In wintertime, watch for such freeze dangers as hoses left attached to hose bibs, or any sort of plumbing left exposed to dangerously low temperatures.
•    In summertime, watch for signs of clogged air conditioning condensate lines that could cause water damage.

•    Always be alert for signs of roof leakage such as water stains on ceilings or walls.

•    Watch for stains on carpeting, or undue traffic soiling as well.  If it’s time for a carpet  to be cleaned, we suggest that you require the tenants to use a licensed, insured professional carpet cleaning company, rather than to rent a “Rug Doctor” or other such cleaner to do it themselves, in order to assure the best of care for the carpets.  And it’s not unreasonable to have the tenant pay the cost of the cleaning.  After all, it’s their dirt.

•    It’s also good to watch for evidence of un-authorized residents or pets.  With a little experience, it soon becomes apparent if any are present.  

•    It’s also good to watch for evidence of un-authorized residents or pets.  With a little experience, it soon becomes apparent if any are present. 

•    Check windows, blinds and screens for damage.  These items are sometimes recipients of unwarranted damage – especially mini-blinds, and can be indicators of other abuse elsewhere.

As you can tell, there are many things to look for in a rental property walk-through, and these are really just a few.  An experienced eye is almost essential in the process. If you find yourself short on time, energy, experience or expertise in this important facet of managing a rental property, now might be a really good time to call Far West Property Management.  Just dial 928-772-9400, ask for Dave.