Questions to Ask When Hiring a Property Management Firm

Let Far West Realty in Prescott be your property management firm for 2018Far West Realty, your local Prescott property manager, understands that hiring a Property Management firm for your rental property is a big decision. If this is the first time you’ve done it, you’re probably not even sure what to ask. It’s always a bad decision to decide on cost only, that’s why we’re giving you the questions you need to ask before making your decision. We’re also taking the opportunity to give you our response to the questions to help you in your search for the right property management firm.

Do They Come Recommended?

Yes, and we’d like to share a couple of testimonials that Far West Realty has received:

  • They have kept my properties occupied and rent-producing
  • I just want to thank you for being the best I have ever come across
  • Their financial reporting is both timely and accurate
  • Very conscientious and professional

Do They Have Local Contacts for Necessary Repairs?
We have been in the Prescott area for many years and have reliable professionals that we can call on for any necessary repairs or maintenance to your rental property.

Is Property Management a Primary Business?
Yes, Far West Realty and Property Management is dedicated to providing professional, full service property management services to our clients. It is not a part time job for us.

How well do they know the local rental market?
We have successfully managed rentals in the Prescott area since 2017. As professionals, we keep ourselves apprised of the property and rental values throughout our area so that we can help our clients determine the proper amount of rent for their specific property.

What is their process for Choosing Tenants?
We screen every applicant through AAA Investigative Services. AAA performs a credit check as well as a search for any eviction or criminal history. In addition, we directly verify rental history on each applicant by speaking with previous landlords when possible. We also verify employment and the applicant’s ability to meet the financial obligations of renting the property.

Hiring a professional property manager in Prescott for your rental property can ease your mind, but it is an important decision to hire the right company for your property. We hope our responses to these important questions will tell you a little more about our company. For more
information, contact Far West Realty at 928-772-9400.