How Property Management Can Create Simplicity For You

For all your rental property needs contact Far West Realty in Prescott AZ.If you’re a property owner interested in renting your your second home, the choice of how to deal with the management of the property should be a high priority. Far West Realty knows that there are many things that need to be done when managing a rental property, and you may find that hiring a professional property management company, like the professionals at Far West Realty, may be the easiest way create simplicity for managing your property in Prescott. Here are some of the ways we help make your rental property management easier for you.

Securing tenants – If the property is sitting empty, it is more of a liability than an asset. Because we are familiar with the Quad Cities area, we can help you settle on the right monthly rate for your property. We then use broad spectrum online advertising to help find the best qualified tenants for your property. We go the extra step and do a thorough screening of potential tenants to make sure they will be a good tenant for you and are capable of paying the monthly rent.

Quick Response to Maintenance Issues – Because we have built relationships with a number of trade and handymen in the area, we are able to quickly respond to maintenance issues that occur. There are a couple of major benefits that come from dealing with the repair issues promptly – you have a satisfied tenant and it keeps little problems from become bigger problems. This also keeps your property in good shape!!

Timely accounting – We provide itemized statements for your property, showing all income, service fees and required maintenance. We also make sure that rents are received in a timely manner and work directly with the tenant if a payment becomes past due, or we receive an NSF check. And we make sure your income from the property is delivered to you the way you choose – either electronic deposit or via US Mail.

Far West Realty can offer you a wide range of services at cost effective prices to make your rental property in Prescott simple to manage. To discuss your specific needs, why not call one of our management professionals at 928-772-9400