Full Property Management vs. Lease Up Service

As a landlord, you might be wondering if you require lease up services only, or a full property management service. Sometimes, landlords who live in our local area are okay with the idea of taking care of the ongoing management of their property, but they don’t have any idea of how to properly interview tenants or screen applicants, and they certainly don’t know how to fill out all the proper paperwork to make sure they have a good tenants going forward. Far West Realty in Prescott is the leader in porperty management.

For owners who don’t feel they need full service property management in Prescott, we can assist at the leasing point by handling all the property showings. We can also do a thorough tenant screening. Another part of  lease up service is to conduct the initial inspection and provide a walk through and a move in checklist. And some owners decide to take over the ongoing property management from that point forward.

Even if you are going to manage the property yourself on a regular basis, there are advantages to having a third party such as a property manager do the initial leasing. They can be a valuable asset later on down the road if you experience a problem with a tenant, particularly if there is a disagreement about how much of the security deposit needs to be returned. Since they did the initial leasing and the move in checklist, they can help out during any disputes at the time of move out. Your property manager can show up as an independent third party during your dispute. That way, it’s not just a landlord versus the tenant and one person’s word against another as far as the condition of the property. Our initial inspection and walk through will provide an unbiased account of what the property looked like before the tenant moved in. Some property managers also offer a video walk through for owners who want to have a true reflection of the home’s condition documented.

If you’re not sure whether you need a full property management service or just help with the lease up process, please contact us at Far West Realty in Prescott. Call: 928-772-9400